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Household Pressure Pumps

Our staff at Haughton Honda are specialists in household pressure pumps. With over 50 years experience we are now a major online domestic pressure pump retailer. We stock a large range of high quality pressure pumps and offer product advise, sales and service all in the one place!”

“We have pressure pumps to suit every household application and budget,  Catagories for Household Pressure Pumps, Water Treatment, Groundwater, Engine Driven Pumps, Rainwater Systems, Wastewater & Sump Pumps and Farm Effluent Pumps.  Our pumps are used for General Domestic & Industrial / Commercial applications.”
We have a solution for all your water management needs: from Single and Twin Impeller Fire Fighting Pumps or High Volume Transfer Pumps.
So we have the type of Pump you’re searching for and  available in record time…
We have the best brands for sale at prices you’ll love. Pumps aren’t the only products we’re known for. If you’re in the market for diesel or petrol lawnmowers, pressure washers, and outdoor power equipment, your in the right place.  We also stock Hedge trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, brush cutters.  Construction equipment such as leg rammers, compactor plates, concrete saws, concrete vibrators, power carriers and terrain loaders.
With our 50 years of expertise in pumps, we can help you find the right pump for your application. Other types of petrol and diesel equipment we stock, you can find a number of generators like quite inverter generators, Auto Start generators, portable generators and large industral generaotors. 
We can deliver all over Australia, So if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or here in Adelaide, We can help. So take some time to browse our online store if you would like some advise you can always give us a call our trained customer service staff are here to anwser any questions you might have.

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