Everything you need to know when buying the NEW Honda EU22i Generator

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The world's best selling leisure generator just got a whole lot better! With 200W MORE power, the all-new Honda EU22i Generator can power more than ever before. Used for leisure, back-up power and for the job site, it really packs a punch! 

                                            Honda EU22i Pack a Punch

Features are:

  • Maximum output of 2200W/240 volts AC and 8.3 amp DC to run appliances and charge automotive batteries simultaneously
  • Delivers better than commercial quality electricity
  • Delivers greater fuel efficiency via the built-in Eco-Throttle*
  • Engine is protected via low oil alert system
  • Increased diameter of oil filler for improved draining and catching of oil
  • Improved recoil starter handle with new guard
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous operation on Eco-Throttle*
  • Whisper-quiet operation from LwA 91dB)A)**
  • Lightweight: 21kg
  • Reliable 4-stroke  GXR120 engine
  • Engine 20% larger than the EU20i Generator
  • Revs lower @1600w than the EU20i Generator

    The NEW Honda EU22i

What is an inverter

Inverters produce the cleanest power of all. These units are ideal for sensitive electronics, such as computers.  Inverter generators offer a number of other benefits, including less noise, lower weight and greater fuel efficiency when compared with traditional models.  Honda revolutionised the use of inverter technology in portable generators with the Super Quiet EU Series.

Uses for your NEW EU22i Generator

When you decide to purchase a Honda EU Series Generator here are some applications where you could utilise your new purchase.

For Play

For caravanning and camping power, Honda EU22i's portable power is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors with all the comforts of the great indoors.  With caravans becoming more and more sophisticated, the need for consistent, reliable power is a greater than ever before, so a Honda EU22i Generators should be your number one choice.

Portable generators such as the EU Series are also ideal for concerts, races, parties, trade shows and more.

For Home

When the lights go out, it's more than just an inconvenience.  Power outages can also result in financial loss due to spoiled food, lost work time and even water damage to buildings and furniture.  A quiet, reliable Honda EU22i Generator can easily help keep your family safe and secure through power related emergencies.

For Work

Why are Honda EU22i Generators number one in the job?

Ease, reliability and durability.  On construction sites, time is money; crews can't afford to be idle due to a lack of power on a site.  Minimal downtime plus minimal maintenance equals a profitable business.


Description code - EAMT

GXR120 Engine (GCCET) single cylinder, 4 stroke, 121cc (cubic centimeters), OHV/OHC (overhead valve and overhead camshaft)

Decompressor on the camshaft

Net power Output - 3.6HP (2.7kW) @ 3600rpm

Net Torque - 5.5lb-ft (7.5Nm) @ 2.500rpm

Compression ratio - 8.5:1

Unleaded fuel (octane rating 86 or higher)

Fuel tank capacity - 3.6 litres

Fuel consumption at rated load - approximately 1.09 L/h

Operating hours at rated load - Approximately 3.3hr

Cooling system - Forced air

Ignition system - Transistorized magneto ignition

Air cleaner - Dual type

Lubrication system - Forced spray system

Oil capacity and type - 0.28 litre, Honda SAE10W-30

Engine oil alert system

Recommended operating ambient temperature - -15deg Celsius - 40deg Celsius

Starting system - Recoil

Stoping system - Ingnition primary circuit ground

Spark Plug - NGK: CR5HSB

Noise level - dB(A)/Lwa 91 (90@1.6 kVA)

Governor - Electronic control type

Overall length - 511mm

Overall width - 290mm

Overall height - 425mm

Dry weight - Approximately 21.2kg

Operating weight - Approximately 24.3kg

Rated voltage - 240V

Rated frequency (Hz) - 50Hz

Rated current - 7.5 A

Rated output AC - 1800 VA

Maximum output AC - 2200 VA

Rated voltage DC - 12 V

Rated output DC - 99.6W (eco throttle off)

Rated current DC - 8.3 A

Circuit protection device - AC = 10.7A, DC = 10A

Power generator type - Multi electrode field rotation type

Electric Power Transfer System - DC - AC transfer system (inverter type)

Excitation system - Self- excitation system

Voltage regulation system - PWM system ( Pulse width modulation)

Phase - Single phase

DC output (direct current) - Only for charging 12V automotive batteries, Maximum charging output = 8.3 amp

Warranty - Domestic Use: = 4 years, Commercial Use: = 12 months 

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