Generator Selection Guide

There are many factors you should consider when selecting a generator

  • How will you use the generator?
  • Noise level
  • Fuel efficiency & run time
  • Power output quality
  • Portability
  • Quality engines
  • Durability & quality of craftsmanship
  • Service and support

How will you use the generator?

Typically, applications fall into one of four categories:

  1. Solar Support (i.e. emergency power)

    these generators are designed to work well with a transfer switch, enabling you to quickly and easily power essential home appliances.

  2. Caravaning and Camping/Domestic (caravaning, camping, 4WD, boating)

    These are super quiet generators and easily portable, perfect for most recreational applications.

  3. Commercial and trade (construction and rental)

    Designed with the construction worker in mind, these generators are made for harsh conditions.

  4. Industrial  (Diesel and Mine Spec units)


We stock generators geared towards each of these applications. However, since each customer has unique needs, you should consider other factors while making a choice.

Generator noise level

The noise level of your generator is a major factor in determining the right model.

  • Many areas have noise ordinances that may impact generator usage, particularly at night.
  • Noisy generators are unsuitable for many applications, including camping, powering outdoor events, and Caravaning.

Most generators are labeled with a decibel rating. For every increase in 10 decibels, the noise level is 10 times more powerful. A generator that runs at 70 decibels is ten times as loud as a generator that runs at 60 decibels.

Honda generators are renowned for quiet operation.

  • Our 4-stroke engines are inherently quiet - not to mention reliable!
  • Quality construction and materials help to keep noise levels low
  • Superior technology makes them leaders in quiet operation



For the ultimate in quiet performance, Honda Super Quiet EU series generators truly live up to their name. Thanks to a totally enclosed body and inverter technology, they operate as noise levels between 49 and 60 decibels - which is no louder than normal speech.

Honda also offers a number of other options that, while not as quiet as the EU generators, may serve your application at a lower cost.

Generator fuel efficiency & run time

EU 2000iLook for a generator that is both fuel efficient and has a long run time. Honda generators offer several features that meet this need.

  • Honda inverter generators feature our exclusive Eco-Throttle, which automatically adjusts the engine speed to match the power needed. This allows for maximum fuel efficiency.

    Because our EU generators are so fuel efficient, they boast incredibly long run times- as much as 20 hours on a single tank of gas!

  • Our EM, and EG generators have large fuel tanks, so you can run your generator for long periods of time without refilling.

  • EM generators feature Auto Throttle. Auto Throttle automatically raises the RPM of the generator from idle when the load is applied, and returns the RPM to idle when the load is removed. It helps to increase fuel efficiency, reduce the noise level, and decrease wear and tear on the generator's components.

Generator power output quality

Voltage regulation controls the power output of the generator. Consistent power is extremely important. Fluctuations in power can cause equipment to shut down or even damage the appliance.

AC Power is depicted using a sine wave. The smoother the curve, the more stable the power.

Any spikes or "blips" in the curve are caused by a fluctuation in the power. These can be bad for both your generator and the equipment being powered.

There are several different ways to regulate the voltage on a generator:

  • Brushless generator

    Brushless generators are among the most common in the industry because of their inexpensive construction, but have the least reliable voltage control. Brushless generators can't react to a changing load, either producing low power (a brownout) or high power . Fluctuations of this nature can cause equipment damage.

    Honda does not make any brushless generators.

  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

    Many Honda generators feature an Automatic Voltage Regulator, or AVR, designed to consistently control voltage. The AVR keeps the output voltage more constant, regardless of the load. This means no spikes or brownouts.

  • DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator)

    Many Honda generators feature a new DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator). The DAVR is designed to hold the voltage stability within a +/- 1% change during operation to which the U.S. standard is 60hZ. The DAVR adjustments are driven off the main winding, versus a sensor winding in conventional AVR systems. Additionally, the DAVR is protected from overheating by a thermistor.

  • iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator)

    Some EM and EB Series now offer an exclusive new Honda technology, iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator). This consists of a digital capacitive discharge ignition, a self tuning regulator governor, a current transformer applied to the auto throttle and the new DAVR control unit.

    iAVR lets the generator operate well above its maximum rating for up to 10 seconds to start high initial amp draw situations. This ensures a consistent flow of power regardless of the load, which translates into protection for sensitive equipment and reliable power for you.

  • CycloConverter

    Honda's patented CycloConverter technology allows you to get cleaner power with less weight. The CycloConverter offers the benefits of AVR-type generator at a lower size and weight.

  • Inverter generator

    Inverters produce the cleanest power of all. These units are ideal for sensitive electronics, such as computers.

    Inverter generators offer a number of other benefits, including less noise, lower weight, and greater fuel efficiency as compared to traditional models.

    Honda revolutionized the use of inverter technology in portable generators with our Super-Quiet EU series.

Generator size & ease of transport

Consider how you will be moving and storing the generator. Look for:

  • Compact, lightweight models, like the Honda EU and Yamaha EF generators
  • Two wheel kits, like those found on the Honda and Yamaha models or consider talking to us about a trolly or wheel kits.  These are available with most of our generators.

Quality Engines

All our generators are powered by quality engine from manufactures like Honda, Yamaha, Yanmar and Lister. reliable 4-stroke engines and strong Diesel engines.  Ready to perform when you are.  

Honda engines are legendary for being easy to start.

A number of models offer electric start as an added convenience. Electric start models include:

Generator durability and quality of craftsmanship

Quality and reliability are critical when selecting a generator. Consider:

  • Is it well put together? Do the components look well made? Look inside the generator, if possible, and compare between manufacturers. You will see substantial differences.
  • What are the materials made of? Are they high quality?
  • Is the manufacturer well known? What is their reputation?

Honda generators have a well earned reputation for reliability and durability. Honda products are tested extensively and manufactured using the best quality materials. Our generators offer dependable power and keep on running year after year.

Generator service and support

Because a generator is a major investment, look for a manufacturer that stands behind their product fully. In particular, service and parts support are essential for your peace of mind.

Haughton Power Equipment supply, service and repair generators.  So first class service and support is only a phone call away. All our generators are backed by a comprehensive warranty from world class leaders in their fields. With access to their dealer networks nationwide, finding a local dealer is easy. even when you're abroad.

  • Parts and service support are readily available
  • Our trained staff are ready to support you