Honda Generators


Honda Generators are renowned throughout Australia, and all around the world for being the No.1 choice of back up power solutions.  So no matter what you need to power, you can be confident Honda has the right generator for you.

At the heart of every Honda Generator lies our Honda GX commercial grade engine.  These 4-Stroke engines are recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, quiet and fuel efficient power. In fact, they run about 30% more fuel efficiently than comparable side-valve engines.

Features include overhead valves for smooth, consistant power and cast iron cylinder sleeves (excl. EU10i) for 'commercial grade' quality and durability. Many offer a dual element air cleaner for increased engine life.  All Honda Generators are equipped with Oil Alert which protects the engine by shutting it down if oil pressure reaches a low level.



Voltage regulation controls the power output or the generator.  Consistant power is extremely impoortant as fluctuations in power can cause equipmant to shut down or even damage the appliance. The following information will help you underastand the difference in technologies between each of the models found on this website


The Honda EP2200CX features an Automatic Voltage Regulator, or AVR, designed to consistently control voltage.  The AVR keeps the output voltage more constant, regardless of the load.  This means no spikes or brownouts.


The Honda EM10000 and EG Series of generators feature the D-AVR (Digital Auto Voltage Regulator).  The D-AVR is designed to hold the voltage stability within a +/- 1% change during operation. The D-AVR adjustments are driven off the main winding, versus a sensor winding in conventional AVR systems.  Additionally , the D-AVR is protected from over heating by a themistor.


Honda's pateneted Cyclo-Converter technology allows you to get cleaner power with less weight.

The Cyclo-Converter offers the benifits of AVR-type generator at a lower size and weight. Only found on the Honda EM30.


Inverters produce the cleanest power of all.  These units are ideal for sensitive electronics, such as computers.  Inverter generators offer a number of other benifits, including less noise, lower weight and greater fuel efficiencey when compared to traditional models.  Honda revolutionised the use of inverter technolgy in portable generators with our Super-Quiet EU Series.

Brownouts-a brownout is a large drop in voltage in an electrical power supply.

Blackouts- a blackout is a complete loss of voltage in an electrical power supply.