Honda Generator Range

Be confident Honda has the right generator for you

Honda generators are renowned throughout Adelaide, Australia and all around the world for being the No. 1 choice of back power solutions. So no matter what you need to power, you can be confident Honda has the right generator for you.

Honda GX commercial grade engine

At the heart of every Honda generator lies our Honds GX commercial grade engine. These 4-stroke engines are recognised as the industry leader in providing reliable, quiet and fuel efficient power. In fact, they run about 30% more efficiently than comparable side-valve engines.

Honda generator features

Features include overhead valves for smooth, consistant power and cast iron cylinder sleeves (excl EU10i) for 'commercial grade' quality and durability. Many offer a dual element air cleaner for increased engine life. All Honda generators are equipped with Oil Alert which protects the engine by shutting it down if the oil pressure reaches a low level. 


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