Gentech Generators



Gentech offers powerful Australian generating solutions ranging from portable petrol and diesel powered units to heavy-duty standby gensets.

Gentech is a premium Australian supplier and distributor of:

  • Petrol Powered Generators: With genuine Honda or Yamaha engine.
  • Portable Diesel Generators: Powered by Yanmar, Kohler or Lister Petter.
  • Mine Spec Diesel Generators: Portable generators powered by Lister Petter, Kohler and Yanmar engines, complete with mine spec features.
  • Welder Generators: petrol and diesel powered available.
  • Workstations (4-in1 units): comprising a welder, generator, air compressor and battery charger all in the one unit.
  • Inverter Generators: portable 4-stroke petrol powered with OHV Yamaha engine.
  • Standby Diesel Generators: for industrial standby back up power supply.
  • Tractor Pacs: Tractor driven alternators (also called PTO Alternators) for standby backup power on dairy farms.
  • Battery Chargers: for jump starting / charging cars and tractors.

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