Recreational Generators for Camping and Carvaning

Recreational Generators

Our Recreational range of generators is the perfect power source for the traveller or people on the move. Generators in this range are ideal for camping and caravaning. If your in the market for an Inverter Generator or Camping Generators then your in the right place.

This Recreational Range covers the latest in Inverter technology with a portable easy to carry design. Our Inverter Generators produce pure signwave power with the inverter control system maintaining an highly accurate voltage. The perfect choice for sensitive electronics, like computers and are a common type of generator small domestic appliances and recreational uses.

Inverter Generators are super quiet when in operation with a specially disigned acoustic casing reducing noise. Compared to traditional convetional generators, Inverter generators offer exceptional fuel efficency. This is achived by adjusting the engine speed automatically to the optimum level, given the required load.

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