GX Honda Engine Range Maintenence Tips For Sowing Season Every Farmer Needs To Know

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With the 2018 Australian sowing season fast approaching you will be doing your usual maintenance checks.  Preparing your equipment like you do at the start of every season.  In this short article we have put togehter some information and reminders to make sure you dont have any issues with your Honda engine during the sowing season, and if you do we are here to help fix them so you dont lose any valuable time.

Honda Engine Check List

This is the best time to check you Honda engines are working efficiently and are as ready as you are for the work ahead.  While checking your augers, spray pumps and sowing equipment double check these things to keep your engine in top condition.

  1. Check & replace your air filter/s - A dirty or blocked air filter can cause the engine to run rough or may cause increased wear and reducing the life of your Honda engine.
  2. Check & replace spark plugs - While checking the plug look at the gap which should be around 1mm (contact us for exact gaps for your honda engine) and check for build up of carbon.  This could be a sign that the air filter needs replacing or your muffler is blocked . Also you may consider having some spare spark plugs on hand in case you need them in a hurry. 
  3. Check & replace oil - Honda recommends checking your oil everytime you use the engine and topping up as required.  Honda recommend replacing the oil every year or every 100 hours which ever comes first.  Here is an easy way to keep track of the hours or usage of your Honda equipment (TANK x HOURS per TANK = HOURS USE) 

These three basic items will endure a long life on your engine and minimise break-downs.

Parts Enquiry Tips

If you do need to order parts for your Honda engine you should alway provide a serial number to make sure your authorised Honda dealer is supplying the correct parts for your engine (not all Honda engine models are the same).  This will save you costly shipping fees, travel time and frustration.

Below is a diagram showing the location of serial numbers and type codes for Honda engines from 5.5HP - 29HP 

Contact Haughton Honda for pricing and availablity on all Honda parts items or quotes on replacement engines if needed. 

Email or ring (08) 8351 7971.

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