The Honda EP2200CX 2.2kVa generator extremely useful for a farmer pumping drinking water for his sheep

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Expert testimony from industry leaders

We wanted to share this testimony from Brenton at Solar Water Pumps located in Kapunda South Australia. These guys have over 20 years experience and specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of solar water pumps throughout Australia and overseas.

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Here is what Brenton had to say,

The Honda EP2200CX with its large fuel tank has proven to be an extremely useful petrol generator for our needs, even though we specialize in solar water pumps.

We find that some situations which our customers present are best suited to use a small petrol generator.  In locations where farmers are leasing land with no mains power the option of a solar pump is much more expensive and considerably less portable.  The Honda Generator is the ideal unit giving portability at a reasonable price for this use.

One of our customers needed water for a couple of mobs of sheep (approx.400). The bore flow is slow so any pump must run slowly to handle the slow input of the bore. If solar was used , the pump may not run long enough to supply their needs.  By using a Honda EP2200CX generator the pump can run for 24 hours to be able to produce the extra water the customer needs at shearing when he has about 2000 sheep for a week needing a drink.

We have set the generators up with an electric float switch where the tank is close so as to not waste water from the bore.  When full, the float vavle rises to the top of the tank and via the signal cable, shorts the spark out on the generator to stop it instantly.  In one case where we pump over 2km, we have installed a modified pressure switch which turns the Honda EP2200CX off instantly one the tank is full.  Instant stopping is the correct way to stop any generator; many bore pumps have been ruined by the 'hunting' of an engine as it runs out of fuel.

The generator design has no trouble starting any of the submersible bore hole pumps we have used.

Brenton Diener

Solar Water Pumps

Honda EP2200CX

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