Petrol Conventional Generators

Reliable voltage control system

Our petrol powered conventional generator series comprises a reliable voltage control system suitable for use with trade tools, power tools, work site equipment and appliances like kettles, toasters, lights and other tools and equipment that handles a resistive load.

Brushless alternator provides low maintenance

These generators use a brushless alternator that provides a low maintenance design recommended for use with basic tools and equipment. A popular choice with tradesmen / builders / farmers / rural property owners and use in the hire industry.

Genuine Honda and Yamaha engines

These unit are built tough using quality components and powered by genuine Honda and Yamaha engines.

Generators can be modified to suit you

Generators in our conventional series can be modified to suit your requirements, for example features like a long range fuel tank for extended running times, wheel kits for move-ability, electric start systems and safety additions such as earth leakage protection and weatherproof GPO's.

Check with our customer support team for more information with these additional features.

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